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Make the new YouTube channels optional!!

Don't get me wrong, the new design is fine, but we shouldn't be forced to have it! Some of us like the old channels better!

Sign this petition to help keep the power of choice in the hands of the people!!

I have been informed that the Kitty Krew are no more.

Apparently, the founder, BigFuzzyKitten, and most of the other leading members abandoned the group to pursue more ambitious things in life, resulting in the demoralization of the original membership base and causing membership to plummet. Now it seems all that is left are the lowly spammers, scrounging for the ability to pass Flash submissions.

My reaction to hearing this news was mixed. On one hand, I felt a combination of joy and satisfaction, knowing that I would no longer have to see their retched .swf's in the Portal. But at the same time, I was in awe. I had held a form of respect for the KK, hating them for their spam but knowing full well how powerful they were and how large their ranks and fanbase were. This group, which was powerful enough to be featured in Portal Defenders, had shrunken into a mere shadow of their former image, lingered, and succumbed.

The passage of time is truly a deadly force...

But at least their current website is kinda funny when you access it from google :P

YES!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!! >:D

2009-09-02 00:54:53 by TARINunit9

I got the last medal on Brawl Royale!!!!


I only had to beat the game FOUR SEPARATE TIMES!!!!!!!! (on three different computers no less)

100 Medal Points to me b****!!!!!

This calls for a celebratory YouTube video!!!

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And here's a picture of some guy who's not me kicking Zombie Goku's *ss

I hate saving screenshots as GIFs. Rapes the quality big time.

YES!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!! >:D

10^2 medals!

2009-04-28 03:10:36 by TARINunit9

Oh... my.. gosh...
This calls for a celebratory YouTube video!!!

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Blam/Protect Rank Up!!

2009-04-23 02:32:41 by TARINunit9

YES!!! Blam/Protect Police Officer rank! YES!!!!

More medals!

2009-04-19 16:15:32 by TARINunit9

Awesome! Now I have even more medals! 80 medals with a score of 1480!
How many medals do YOU have?

60 Medals!!

2009-04-01 01:18:38 by TARINunit9

I have achieved 60 medals! Total points: 1110!
...How many medals do you have?

Hooray!! My latest Flash passed judgement!!

.................. And that's about all I have to say...



2008-08-11 20:10:18 by TARINunit9

I have been promoted to Blam/Protect Safety Patrol! Thanks NG! I will bear my new rank with honor!

EDIT: Wow, I've been promoted AGAIN to Portal Security Guard! Thanks NG!

Level Up!

2008-07-24 01:51:09 by TARINunit9

Im now level 7! Yay!! :)
AND Im now a Blam/Protect Scout!! :D

OK yeah... I know no one else cares. I'm just bored...